Diet Plan

balanced diet
balanced diet

When it comes to building muscle, stripping fat and losing weight, what you eat is just as important how you train. Without the right diet to back up your training regime, you’re limiting what you can achieve! The Diet and Nutrition section was setup to educate Muscle and Strength visitors on how to construct the right diet to reach their goals.

High protein and low fat, forget about the carbohydrates¬†as long as you don’t cut them. Protein is the building block for muscles and¬†carbohydrates are the carriers for proteins. I’m a body builder and I take in 1 to 1 1/2 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day, keep your fat intake to about 30-35 grams a day. The energy you lose in fats will be made up for in carbohydrates. It seems hard to get 190 or so grams of protein a day but it can be done, I recommend protein shakes in between meals that average 30-40 grams of protein apiece.

Diet for Bodybuilders

Take a High protein, High calorie (to gain weight) diet. Daily exercise, fruits & vegetables, all common since but very effective.

What you need is 30-60 minutes of aerobic activity, like jogging, or steps, or aerobic classes, or swimming. More often you do this, faster you lose your weight. You can also do anaerobic exercises (weights), but preferably on separate days. They will not burn your fat, but they will help to keep your metabolism rate up.


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