Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The standing dumbbell press is a great exercise for strength and development. The muscles you will be developing in the standing dumbbell press are your shoulders, triceps, and forearms.

To start, stand up with your dumbbells and use some momentum to help get the dumbbells into the starting position. Do not swing the dumbbells up as this can cause an injury. Remember, as a beginner, it is not how much weight you can lift, it is all about proper technique.

The dumbbells should be held at shoulder height with your palms facing each other and your elbows out. Next, push the dumbbells over your head and rotate your palms forward. Continue to press the dumbbells up until your arms are almost completely extended and the dumbbells are touching. At the top of the movement do not lock your elbows out.

Slowly lower your dumbbells back to their original position rotating the weights so your palms once again are facing each other. While you are pressing the dumbbells over your head, please remember to use correct form. Also, keep your abs and your lower back tight to support your spine. Make sure you have a balanced stance with your knees slightly bent.

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