For Healthy Female Bodybuilder



A female bodybuilding diet plan includes more protein than an average diet. While .25 to .5 g of protein per pound of body weight is adequate for the average woman, a female bodybuilder needs more to build and maintain greater amounts of muscle. Both males and females need about 1.5 to 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight a day, according to Kristine Clark, Ph.D., R.D. of Penn State’s Center for Sports Medicine, who is quoted on the Oxygen Magazine website. Rather than rely on supplements, go for whole sources of lean protein such as flank steak, pork tenderloin, tuna, egg whites, and chicken breast. Low-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese, plain yogurt and ricotta cheese are other rich sources of protein and calcium.


Water or green tea are important to your diet plan as well. Hydrated muscles repair and grow more efficiently than dehydrated muscles. Adequate water intake also helps with muscle and vein definition, which is important to competition success. The kidneys use water to help flush out the byproducts of your increased protein intake.


Carbohydrates provide you with the needed energy to perform your best during a workout. About 40 percent of your diet should include complex carbohydrates. As with a typical diet, a bodybuilder should consume a heavier load of carbohydrates in the first part of the day and gradually decrease carb amounts with each meal. Front loading your carbs at the start of your day gives your body enough time to burn those carbs into energy versus storing them for later. Consume a carbohydrate-rich meal prior to your workout for best results. Some great healthy carb choices are brown rice, pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans.



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