Lifestyle for Body Builder – how to maintain your body


Bodybuilding is not only flexing muscle on the stage for competitions<br /> Bodybuilding as Competition is extreme of the lifestyle

Bodybuilding is not only flexing muscle on the stage for competitionsBodybuilding as Competition is extreme of the lifestyleBodybuilding is great for longevity Bodybuilding is taking care of your healthBodybuilding is going to gym or play ground regularly [ 2-3 times a week]Bodybuilding is just doing exercise 2-3 times a weekBodybuilding is just doing 20-30 minutes exercise with resistance

Bodybuilding is caring your diet to stay healthy

Bodybuilding is attaining the body weight as per your height and age

Bodybuilding is staying lean

Bodybuilding is exercising at any age

Bodybuilding is attaining more lean muscle mass with exercise or any sport

Bodybuilding is attaining more power to do your daily jobs

Bodybuilding is attaining fitness for your own style of working without tiredness 
Bodybuilding is not only weight training exercise only
Bodybuilding is mother of all sportsBodybuilding is strengthening of muscle for specific sports.Bodybuilding is just keeping fit for any sports and job through resistance exercise.Bodybuilding is not only exercise with dumbbells and weightsBodybuilding is exercise which can be done through other resistance exercise using your own
body weight

Bodybuilding is just going for morning walk or any playing any sport for fitness and entertainment

Bodybuilding is fighting stress and tensions through exercise

Bodybuilding is eating more protein for muscle building

Bodybuilding is eating complex carbohydrate and fibers for prolonged energy

Bodybuilding is cutting fat in your diet
Bodybuilding is utilizing maximum from less quantity of food
Bodybuilding is consuming small multiple meals for prolonged body metabolismsBodybuilding is consuming perfect numbers of calories required by your bodyBodybuilding is gaining more muscle and lowering body fatBodybuilding is not just winning or losing but it is way of lifeBodybuilding exercise and other sporting activities increase the natural flow of hormones

Bodybuilding is performing well in all sphere of life

Bodybuilding is instrumental in keeping the healthy sex life for long time

Bodybuilding is just taking care of your body only

Bodybuilding is HEALTHY LIFESTYLE to live LONG

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Conceived By
Dr. Randhir Hastir

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