For Thin people Who Want To Gain Weight

weight gain
weight gain

Most of us envy people who are thin; they can eat all they want, fit into any outfit, and they are confident about themselves.


But are they really happy with their bodies? And, more importantly, are they happy with their health status? Being thin brings with it health problems like anemia, a weak immune system, and later in life – even fertility issues while trying to conceive, not to mention fragile bones. Again, a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is a good measure of whether you weigh too little or too much. If you’re looking to gain weight – the healthy way – read our 6 step healthy weight gain guide.


Healthy diet:

You may take dietary supplement, but you need a balanced diet more. You need the right amount of protein, carbs and fats. Help yourself to nuts and dairy products. Protein is the key for muscle building; this will help you gain weight.


Increase liquid intake:

If you want to gain weight, you need to build an appetite; and while this might be a tad non-traditional, you can rely on wine as a hunger stimulant. A small glass of wine before your evening meal will help you appreciate your food a whole lot more. Also, avoid drinking water before meals and in between meals, you don’t want to ruin your appetite.


Eat less:

If you eat in between meals, cut it out. They say you should eat three large meals or five to six small meals in a day. Eating less is more. Choose food with nutritional calories and increase intake of starchy foods like potatoes.Remember, the more junk food you eat, the more you deprive your body of healthy nutrients. A thin person who gorges on junk food will suffer the same unhealthy consequences as an obese person with poor eating habits.


Indulge the right way:

Often times, well meaning folks will tell you to eat cakes and other sugar-heavy desserts in order to help you gain weight. While normally this strategy works perfectly for some, for others it could just lead to visceral fat – a state of being skinny fat. Skinny fat essentially means that a person appears skinny on the outside, but has fat accumulated in the wrong places (around vital organs) on the inside. Besides, sugar-heavy foods deplete your body of whatever little nutrients it might be getting from other foods.


To indulge the right way, you will still need to eat healthy desserts and healthy food. But the good news is that you can eat this with a calorie excess, i.e., you can consume more than you need – this helps build body mass and lead to weight gain.



If you’re indulging where foods concerned, beware of the inevitable skinny person’s paunch. No matter what your skinny status, as you grow older, you will develop an unsightly paunch. To avoid this, you must Endeavour to maintain a toned body. For this, exercise is essential. Participate in a balanced mix of cardio, weight training, and flexibility exercises every day.


Quit smoking:

The more you smoke, the higher the chances that you will not feel hungry. Why? Because cigarettes have a component that suppresses your appetite. Each puff of smoke, results in suppression of hunger.


Here again, there are no absolutes. There are as many overweight smokers in the world, as there are underweight smokers. But an important test to conduct is your own body’s reaction to smoking. Maintain a smoking and food log to understand how your body responds to smoking, when hungry. The results could finally get you to quit.

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