Varinder Ghuman Complete Profile, Achievements, Height, Weight and Diet

varinder ghuman photo salman khan
varinder ghuman photo salman khan

Here is a man who started as a fast bowler in college team and ended up as an Internationally renowned Body Builder. So that ways he is a common link between both the sports. He is Varinder Singh Ghuman, a world renowned vegetarian Body Builder started body building from a Health Club in Jalandhar and now he is International Body Building Federation Professional Body Builder. He is the first Asian to be ranked as ProSuper in body-building shows worldwide. He was adjudged Mr. India in 2009. Ghuman has also won Mr. India in 2009 and was awarded 2nd place in Mr. Asia. Besides body building, another interest which Varinder is nurturing is of acting. After completing a course in dance and action in Mumbai to learn the basics, he has appeared in some music videos and now coming up as a hero in Punjabi movie “Kabaddi-once Again” and Hindi movie “ROAR”.

Dope Free Varinder Ghuman got many times tested negative for Dope Control Programme. He Believes That Drugs And Steroids Have No Role In Bodybuilding. It Is Only The Genetics And Hard Trainings Which Give You The Edge Over The Others. Ghuman happens to be the first Indian and also the first Asian to make it to the top line of Arnold Classic Europe – an international body-building championship, the premier ranks of Mr Universe contest and also the first Indian to win the Australian Grand Prix 2011. He has been roped in by Arnold Schwarzenegger for promoting his health products in Asia.

He also won silver medal at the Junior Nationals in 2006 and also represented at the Asian Jr. Bodybuilding Championships at Taiwan in 2006. He is Silver Medal at the 43rd. Mr. Asian Bodybuilding Championships Aurangabad. Mr. Asia silver medalist Varinder Ghuman National Silver medal winner in Mr. India. He is the Heaviest Bodybuilder of the country with 120 Kg. Body weight and deep chiseled muscularity. The first Indian Body Builder to get a Pro Card by International Federation of Body Building (IFBB), this ‘Pahlwan from Punjab’ also carries an MA (English) degree under his belt.

He was born in a village Talwandi in the border district of Gurdaspur(Punjab). He is a good bodybuilder. His father Bhupinder Singh was an Asstt. Sub Inspector in Punjab Police and mother Late Smt. Harbhajan Kaur was a housewife. He is a devout vegetarian, and has never touched egg or meat in his life. He claims that he takes only vegetarian diet and fulfill his quota of proteins and calcium from milk and milk products. His father is into dairy farming now days. He currently resides in the posh Model House neighborhood in Jalandhar and runs his own Health club.

Now if you are interested to know his vital stats, this 6 feet 3 inches tall Varinder Ghuman can put any average body builder to shame by flexing his 23 inches Biceps. His chest measures 53 inches. With 35 inches Thighs and 35-36 inches Waist size, this 130 Kgs Log-of-wood has earned a name not only for himself but for his state Punjab and for the Country as well.

He has also been selected in
Pro wrestling in UK.

He follow the basic training of Power & Bulk schedule and Mass building

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Achievements by Varinder Singh Ghuman

Mr. Asia 2nd

Selected in Professional Wrestling in UK

Varinder Singh Ghuman in Movie Kabbadi Once Again


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varinder ghuman photo salman khan

Varinder Singh Ghuman with Salman Khan

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