Body Building in Andhra Pradesh – K Sudheer

Body Building in Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Andhra Body Building Championship Competition in Visakhapatnam near Pedagantyada Place.

K Sudheer-bodybuilder – Andhra Pradesh

Body Building in Andhra Pradesh, A very popular name is-K Sudheer. In the age of 23-year-old, he from Balpanoor recently won two medals – a silver and a bronze- in the men’s bodybuilding (70 kg) and men’s physique- category A groups at an international bodybuilding championship held in Ludhiana, Punjab. This is his first major achievement so far.

Success Story

K Sudheer told that the path to his success was not easy. He had to work hard a lot. He said that when he first took up bodybuilding as a career in 2015 after giving up his studies, he didn’t know how to go about it. But after winning a gold medal in a district level competition, Body Building in Andhra Pradesh, he promised himself that he would continue to become a bodybuilder and would represent India and would make India a proudful country. While he was determined to achieve his goal, his parents, however, did not believe in his dreams.


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