India won 4 medals at Japan Asian Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders of indian bodybuilding and fitness federation who participated in Asian Bodybuilding competition, held in Kitakyushu..japan..Got following position..
Sidhant more. -2nd (silver)
Jay singh. -2nd (silver)parshant more

Sameer. -2nd. (silver)
Miss Karuna. -3rd(bronze)
India Wins 3 Silver And 1 Bronze Medals At 49th IBFF Asian Bodybuilding Championship 2015 in Japan

sameer 1 sameer 3 sameer rece parshant more 2 parshant 2 karuna 3 karuna jai singh 2 jai singh 1 jai singh baba madhok
The 49th IBFF Asian Bodybuilding Championship 2015 was held in Japan from 5th to 7th June 2015. The final were held on Sunday and results were declared. India could not win Gold medal but managed to get 3 silver medals. Overall this is a good performance by the Indian Team compared to the event held last year. All the 3 winner gave tough fight for gold medal. They looked very competitive on stage and they were called on one to one comparison before the judges could decide the winner. Indian team was placed 8th out of 20 country participating in the event. Team Indian Bodybuilding congratulates the winners. The team representing India at the Asian championship is very young and they have time on their side. We hope that they prepare well for next year championship and get us gold. Here are the 3 silver medal winners for India.
Other participants from Indian team that could not get top 3 spots are :
Siddharth Wankhede came 7th in Men’s Physique Over 172 cm category. Ashok Kumar came 12th in Men’s Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 65 kg category. Kumar Pawar came 8th in Men’s Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 80 kg category. Pushpinder Bharti came 10th in Men’s Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 85 kg category. Sachin Galande came 5th in Men’s Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 90 kg category.

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