MANOHAR AICH : Second Indian Mr. Universe

manohar aich
manohar aich

Manohar Aich is one of the greatest body-builder India has ever produced,he has made our country proud . India’s first Mr. Universe, who is not the tallest of men but his achievements had made him tallest and is known as the Pocket Hercules.

From Childhood:-

From his childhood days only his love towards bodybuilding could be seen. He was self made man who has got such good physique not in Gym but behind the bars and even without any equipments and without any supplements.

His first achievement was 1950 win of a ‘Mr. Hercules’ contest which spurred him to set his sights on the Mr. Universe tournament in London and a year on Aich came second in the contest.

manoharaichTitled as Pocket Hercules:-

He decided to stay in London to prepare for another shot at the title and to India with the crown after bagging the title in 1952. What followed were a host of awards, including top positions in Asian Body building Championships, and his more popular title of ‘Pocket Hercules’ due to his 4 foot 11 inch frame.

Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe 1952, has dominated news photos for a half century. Today, Manohar Aich pictures are headlining newspapers from his native India to the U.S. with Aich as a health inspiration to our youth. Manohar Aich turns one hundred years old this year. Fitness and longevity have always dominated the landscape of our society. But today, his story is reminding us about the importance of fitness.

Strong Personality:-

Manohar Aich lives for 104 years. Since the day he won the Mr. Universe 1952 competition, Aich had been redefining our perception of fitness. At just 4′11′, Aich disproved news critics in the 1950s, who claimed he never could ever win a major weight lifting competition. In 1950 he won the Mr. Hercules competition. At the Mr. Universe 1951 competition, he was unhappy with his second place finish. So he stayed in London and trained around the clock for one year. The next year he came back and won it.

But despite his Mr. Universe 1952 win, Manohar Aich wasn’t done winning. Over the next decade, he continued to place in the top slots of the competition. Even at age 47, he disproved his critics, finishing fourth in the Mr. Universe 1960 competition. 

He remains muscular and in good health. And he says he is never stopping. Aich remains a health and fitness inspiration not just to his generation but to countless generations to come.

On his 100th birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted:

He is a true inspiration to youngsters as he belonged to a time when there was no coach for him, no reward for his effort and no job security to keep training, all he had was a will to win and that made him.

A Great Salute to this man who had made Our country a Proud. Congratulations on hitting the milestone birthday Manohar, we wish you many more!


Last Year On 5 June 2016, Manohar Aich died in Kolkata, aged 104 years.



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